Erica & Heather are a fictional pop music duo consisting of best friends Erica Bryant and Heather Campbell. They competed on the eighth season of - and won.


Erica Bryant met her best friend, Heather Campbell when they were little girls. Heather had transferred from one class at their elementary school to Erica's. The two sat together and enjoyed music. However, the two were from different background. Erica was raised by a single mother in a middle-class world, while Heather is from upper-class raised by her father, a successful doctor. While Heather is a straight-A student, Erica doesn't like doing schoolwork.

Growing up, the girls played dress up, tea party, and listened to music. When their school had their annual talent shows, Erica and Heather performed their favorite songs on stage.


  • Erica & Heather (Album)
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