Erica & Heather: Back to the 50's is the first one off sitcom from the pop duo Erica & Heather. It first aired 1999 and was produced for CITV. In this movie, the two longtime besties proceeds with their long drive from Miami to Los Angeles - when they suddenly find themselves in the 1950s, having travelled back in time. The episode itself is a parody of both the films, Grease & Back to the Future.


BFF's Erica Bryant and Heather Campbell are driving to Los Angeles. Heather points out the milometer has reached all the 9s. As it turns back to all the 0s, obliviously, they drive through a wormhole. The radio turns on playing 1950's music, and they soon start spotting old-fashioned objects, including, a diner that sells a burger, fries and a soda float for just 20 cents. They realize they have gone back 40 years to the year 1959. As they figure out how to get back to the future, the Sheriff approaches them accusing them of being troublemakers, and says he will be keeping an eye on them. He is more hostile towards Erica than he his to Heather. Heather explains to Erica that the sheriff attacked Erica because she is African-American and Heather is Caucasian.

They go bowling, and a gang called the Rockets enters the bowling alley. The leader Ricky accuses - of stealing Erica and he starts a fight with Bradley. Erica and Heather interfere. The Sheriff, who turns out to be Ricky's uncle, accuses the girls of starting the fight and arrests them. They are released to following morning and told they have until sunset to leave.

They return to the diner. They meet the waiter Chuck, whom Heather has a crush on, and his dad the owner. He tells the story of how a feud between him and Ricky's dad started, and ever since then, Ricky and his dad have been trying to put the diner out of business, like breaking the Jukebox to jeopardize tonight's Jukebox night. Erica and Heather save the night by performing.

They drive all night and arrive back in the same place and see the diner boarded up. Chuck tells them it has been closed for weeks; Erica and Heather realize they have moved 1 month into the future. The Rockets have been causing trouble, forcing Chuck's dad consider selling the diner Ricky's dad. They find Ricky at a garage and challenge him to a car race.

At the race they find a newspaper in the car that is dated tomorrow, with an article reading Chuck dies in the race. Hannah shows this to him and convinces him to let Rachel takes his place and they win the race. Chuck's dad and Ricky's dad finally reconcile their differences.

They drive back through a wormhole and see Ricky now as a middle-aged man and a mechanic, and the diner renamed the S Club 7.

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