L.A. Sisters (known as Lambert Girls in L.A. in the United States) is the second series in the TNBC television series. The programme was shown every week on CBBC, from 6 April 2000 to 6 July 2000[1] and featured five sisters and their two male friends trying to make it big in L.A. The series featured star from The Exorcist, Linda Blair as Joni, their landlord.

Like Miami Sisters, the show was renamed Mitchell Girls in L.A., and was shown on Fox Family in the United States, between 3 June 2000 and 30 September 2000.[2] United Kingdom reruns of the show were occasionally aired, along with Miami Sisters, on now defunct cable channel Play UK.


Title Original Airdate United States Airdate Lambert Girls sing #
"Into the Unknown" 6 April 2000[1] 3 June 2000 "I'll Be There" 14
Having decided against returning to Santa Barbara, the sisters head to L.A., along with Jayson and Derek, who are joining them. On the way, Jayson persuades the group to stop off at Ridgeback Woods to pay a visit to his long lost great uncle. The band decide to head into the woods, despite being told that a group of filmmakers had disappeared there previously. Then, the group run out of gas and are forced to stop the night in the woods. This episode parodies The Blair Witch Project, where a group of filmmakers become lost in the woods.
"Clever Camp" 13 April 2000[1] 10 June 2000 "Love Train" 15
The kids realize that they need money and Jayson convinces a professor to give them jobs at his summer camp. The camp happens to be for very intelligent kids, who believe fun involves five hour astrophysics sessions. The sisters decide they need more fun and less study and so they liven up the lessons. The group end up singing around the pool, and have a food fight with the students.
"Hello Hollywood" 20 April 2000[1] 17 June 2000 "Natural" 16
After finally arriving in L.A., the kids drive around Hollywood for three hours and come to realize they are still not famous. After realizing they won't be staying in a top Beverly Hills mansion, they check into a poor motel, from which they get evicted the following morning. As a last resort, the girls decide to sell Jayson's beloved Chevvy to raise some money. Cassie ends up saving the day, when he gets run over by the manic roller blading ex hippie, Joni (played by Linda Blair), who, feeling bad about the accident, invites the band to stay in one of her apartments. The group find an agent who organizes for the group to sing in the local café.
"Misguided" 27 April 2000[1] 24 June 2000 "I'll Keep Waiting" 17
Sarah lands a job as a Hollywood tour guide showing off the mansions of Beverly Hills to tourists. The fact that she doesn't know whose house is whose is soon forgotten when she catches a burglar breaking into the home of Hollywood film star Tommy DeWitt. Tommy rewards Sarah by taking her out on a date, making her sisters extremely jealous. But she soon discovers that there's no way she could ever love Tommy as much as he loves himself. Meanwhile, Jayson finds himself talked into going on a date with Joni to impress her best friend, in order to repay Joni for the rent they cannot afford.
"The News" 4 May 2000[1] 8 July 2000 "Spiritual Love" 18
Jayson falls in love with Linda, a bossy television newsreader, who constantly talks as if she's reading the news. The rest of the group are not impressed with Jayson's new girlfriend, especially when she tells him to not to hang out with Derek and the girls, because "news-reading is the only option". Meanwhile, after Jessica organizes a gig at a Surfing Party, Laura and Sarah try to impress a couple of them by pretending they are surfers themselves. Katie also has problems when she cannot get to sleep with others. Katie can't sleep either with Jayson due to his loud snoring, or with Derek & Jessica due to their constant chatting, or with Laura & Sarah due to their extremely messy bedroom, or even with Cassie due to his constant sleep talking, sleep singing, sleep dancing and sleep hoovering!
"Prom" 11 May 2000[1] 15 July 2000 "Two in a Million" 19
The sisters decide that their current agent isn't much good, so Joni recommends a better one. Their potential new agent decides that Jessica has to take his geeky son, Billy, to the prom in order to secure him as their agent. However, Jessica has already organized a date with the attractive Sam. Luckily Laura and Sarah are willing to step in and take Sam as their date. But he soon realizes that these three girls on one date can be a bit of a handful. Meanwhile, Katie falls in love when he spots a glimpse of a mysterious boy. The girls and Derek use the prom to give Jayson the prom he missed because he has a cold on the day of his own prom.
"House-Sitting" 18 May 2000[1] 22 July 2000 "Bring the House Down" 20
When Joni demands the rent for the apartment, none of the kids can afford to pay it. There's nothing to do but to go find work, and so Jayson, Derek, and Jessica decide to sign up with a house sitting agency. Their first task is to look after a huge, Bel-Air Mansion. The three decide to invite the others over and have a party. It all seems like a great idea until a group of bikers, invited by Cassie, show up. The house ends up being trashed and the house sitting agency boss goes absolutely ballistic, just as the house's owner rolls up.
"Mr Muscle" 25 May 2000[1] 5 August 2000 "Reach" 21
Laura gets a job as an exercise instructor down at Muscle Beach, where one of her pupils, Ryan, asks her out on a date. A little later on the same beach, Jayson falls out with a bodybuilder type who tries to steal Jayson's sunbed when he goes to get ice cream for himself and Jessica. The bodybuilder, who turns out to be Ryan, Laura's date, challenges Jon to an arm wrestle, which Jayson agrees to. Laura has to try and persuade Ryan not to arm wrestle with Jayson, but Ryan doesn't want to look weak to his friends.
"Fall Out" 1 June 2000[1] 19 August 2000 "Stand by You" 22
Jayson gets a job modelling for a catalogue and Jessica and Cassie give him posing tips. Laura and Sarah apply for the same job at Buddy's Burgers and have to dress up as a burger and a hot dog, but it all ends up in a big fight. Derek and Katie play chess in order to find out which one of them will wash the dishes, but they also end up falling out over it. Jayson's modelling job is a disaster and tempers are really frayed back at the flat, to such an extent that none of the sisters are talking to each other. However, when Joni returns, she shows the band Jayson's advertisement for spot cream, and the sisters can't do anything but make up, and laugh together.
"Game Boy" 8 June 2000[1] 9 September 2000 "Cross My Heart" 23
Bradley becomes addicted to playing video games. He refuses food, sleeping and puts off the toilet until he reaches the next level. Eventually, the rest of S Club 7 have enough and decide to track down the creator of the game, Spike Donahue, head of a multi-billion computer games empire. That way they hope they can get the cheat codes from him, so that Bradley can get to finish the game. Spike, turns out to be an obnoxious thirteen year old, who demands to kiss Hannah or else he won't give them the cheat codes. Meanwhile, Rachel, Jo and Hannah all audition for the same role of Zelda, Warrior Princess, in another video game.
"Making Movies" 15 June 2000[1] 16 September 2000 "Someday, Someway"

"S Club Party"

S Club 7's apartment is overrun by an ant infestation and Joni threatens to throw them out on the Streets. She happens to be emotional because her boyfriend has just dumped her, and is sensitive because of it. To escape from the ants, Joni's temper and the fact that this month's rent is due, Paul suggests that they make a movie. They decide to make a police movie and Jo and Rachel act as their thieves.
"Working" 22 June 2000[1] 23 September 2000 "All in Love is Fair" 25
S Club 7 accidentally blow all the fuses in their apartment block and have to pay someone to sort it before Joni finds out about it. Luckily, an electrician called Ernie agrees to fix the problem for $200. The group decide to get jobs in order to pay for the bill. Paul gets a paper round, Hannah works as a courier, Tina teaches aerobics in an old people's home, Jon and Jo become DJs on a classical radio station, Rachel becomes a dog walker and Bradley strips off to become a nude model!
"Goodbye, Hollywood" 6 July 2000[1] 30 September 2000 "Best Friend" 26
Joni decides to sell the apartment and so the band have to move out and move on. The group pack their bags and drive off, narrowly missing their agent who has come to tell them that he has gotten them a major record deal! After they miss him, the group drive off to wherever the road takes them.


Title Original airdate U.S. airdate S Club sing #
"Artistic Differences" 9 September 2000 11 February 2001 "Reach"

"Bring the House Down"

Shortly into driving away from Los Angeles, the group's car breaks down and they are forced to find $2,000 to pay for it and move into a new house offered by Joni in the meantime. The gang hear of a Battle of the Bands concert and decide to enter. However, as Hannah suffers from recurring nightmares about the group splitting up, complications start to ensue, as Jessica becomes a waitress and falls in love with a waiter who wants her to move with him to Las Vegas and open a restaurant together, and Cassie joins a rival boyband competing in the contest, which greatly angers Katie, Jayson had to contend with his visiting hometown girlfriend suddenly getting noticed and becoming a model who is more famous than him.
"Christmas Special" 24 December 2000 "Boy Like You"

"Perfect Christmas"
"Two In A Million"

With the girls feeling homesick for Christmas, they decide to try to raise enough money with jobs as a mall Santa and elves and a final gig in L.A. in order to return home to Santa Barbara, blissfully unaware that a down on his luck music promoter is trying to find them to save his career. However, things go wrong as Jayson, Cassie, and Sarah are involved in a car crash, leaving the girls with a dilemma on whether to stay in L.A. with an amnesiac Jayson or return to Santa Barbara without him.
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