New Girl is the first episode of Slumber Party Girls.


Christian Davis, a straight-A student is kicked out of her private school for a prank on the head master she didn't do. Until she is cleared and re-enrolled, she is attending Summer Cove High, a public school. Christian's father, a top physician at Summer Cove Hospital, sees his daughter following in his footsteps into becoming a doctor. But she has a dream of pursuing a career in performing. Unknown to her father, Christian has performed in pageants and talent shows. She is in modern dance at Summer Cove High. When her classmate Leslie Porter posts auditions for a new band member of the band Slumber Party Girls, Christian was reluctant to audition. But when Sarah McGinnis, another classmate of Christian's and a member of Slumber Party Girls, notices Christian's singing voice, she convince her to audition. Christian arrives in the music room where the auditions are held. Leslie Porter Kevin commits himself to helping Violet overcome her stage fright, which she is informed she'll have to do to have her songs heard. Violet tells Kevin she inherited her stage fright from her now deceased mother, who also moved to New York in her youth to pursue her dreams of singing. Violet's stage fright mostly extends to singing her original pieces, as she sings in the bar to help Cammie and Rachel, who are trying to break up a fight between customers.

One night, a patron takes a picture of Violet in the middle of a raunchy move with water pouring on her. When the picture appears in the paper, her dad Bill sees it and gets angry at her. She keeps the job despite her dad's wishes, but shortly thereafter gets fired when Kevin gets into a fight at the bar. She and Kevin then break up. With her dreams not working and her job at the bar terminated, Violet goes to New Jersey for Gloria's wedding. Bill gets into a car accident which almost prompts Violet to move back to New Jersey, but Bill convinces her not to give up while telling her the truth that her Mother didn't actually have a problem with stage-fright and quit singing because of Bill. Back in New York Lil visits her at a restaurant she's now working at and the two make amends. Violet finishes a new song and later performs it at an open mic night at the Bowery Ballroom with the Coyotes from the Coyote Ugly saloon, Bill, Gloria, and Kevin all there for moral support. The performance leads to a deal with a record label. The film concludes back at Coyote Ugly with LeAnn Rimes, having recorded Violet's song, singing on the bar as Violet joins in and Violet kissing Kevin celebrating her dream coming true.

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