Slumber Party Girls in Miami was the first of the Slumber Party Girls series which featured the five teenage girls from San Bernardino, California staying and working at a run down Miami hotel ran by an bitter owner and kind-hearted brother. The girls also befriends two cute teenage employees in the hotel.

The series lasted for a total of Thirteen episodes, which were broadcast on CBBC (on BBC One) from the 8th of April 1999 – 1st of July 1999. The series was followed by L.A. Party Girls.

The song used most frequently in this series was Bring It All Back, which was used for the opening theme as well as appearing inside episodes.

Main Cast

  • Tina Barrett
  • Paul Cattermole
  • Jon Lee
  • Bradley McIntosh
  • Jo O'Meara
  • Hannah Spearritt
  • Rachel Stevens
  • Paul Louis - Marvin Borlotti
  • Alfie Wise - Howard Borlotti


  • Take Off
  • Howard's Hotel
  • The Blue Chevy
  • Wind Resistance
  • The Man From E.M.I.
  • Alligator
  • Volleyball
  • Alien Hunter
  • Missing
  • Court in the Act
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • How Deep is Your Love?
  • Reprise


The show saw the girls, desperate to make it big, offered a chance for success in Miami, Florida. by their management. Instead, the gang find themselves working in a hotel for Howard and Marvin Borlotti and entertaining the residents of the hotel. The girls also befriends two boys who also worked at the hotel and they help the girls put up with Howard.

Recurring elements

  • The group were always shown to have a strong connection. Every time they put their hands together in a circle and said the words "United we stand, divided we fall", a bolt of lightning would spread throughout their arms & while it happened, the lightning hurt them.
  • The group would always sing one of their songs at the end of every episode. With the exception of episode two where the group sing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" and episode eleven where they sing "Dancing Queen", which was recorded for the Abbamania soundtrack.
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